Yamashiro Daidengaku at Beniya Mukayu

Posted on: 5月 4th, 2017



At Beniya Mukayu we are holding Yamashiro Daidengaku on 24 June and 01 July.

You can enjoy a preview of this unique and intricate dance exclusively at our hotel

Performances start: 21:00
Duration: 15 minutes.
At Kaiseki Horin dining terrace. (weather restricting, the performance will be in the dining room)

Enjoy this wonderful dance performance during dinner or come after to enjoy this spectacle.

Daidengaku local event happening 28 & 29 July. Stay at Beniya Mukayu over 24 June and 01 July and enjoy the essence of this performance.

Daidengaku, a popular dance in the Heian period, has been resurrected in the form of a traditionally inspired dance by Nomura Manjo, a famous Kyogen actor. The Daidengaku has been resurrected and influenced by new forms of international and traditional Japanese music and dance.

The dance incorporates elaborate and colourful costumes as actors dance a mysterious and intricate dance whilst the sound of music and drums fills the air building to a crescendo as the dancers recreate the essence of this famous dance!


The beginning of Spring has arrived and with it access to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go from Beniya Mukayu is now easier than ever. New routes from Kanazawa mean this richly preserved and traditional Japanese village is even more accessible.

Travel from Beniya Mukayu to Kanazawa's architectural masterpiece of a train station and from there take one of 10 Express buses a day to enjoy the heritage site of Shirakawa-go. In only 80 minutes you could be experiencing this heritage site and beauty of it surrounding landscape, preserved in time and a gem to behold.

Delight in the profusion of Sakura Cherry Blossoms that bloom from Mid-April or visit during late May to enjoy the annual rice planting festival.

Contact for further details.

Press here for more details

Fresh Green Season 2017

Posted on: 3月 17th, 2017



Cherry Blossom gives way to an explosion of vibrant greens, rivers burst into life and lush vegetation blankets the surrounding landscape to reveal the Kaga area in all its stunning splendour. A time of fresh new season produce and bountiful seafood, indulge your senses and savour the tastes of the finest Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.

Enjoy this Summer season at Beniya Mukayu with our renewed Unique Experiences this Fresh Green Season and experience an undiscovered Japan. Go foraging for wild wasabi and shitake mushrooms or simply discover nature with our newly tailored Japanese Painting and Walking tour.
Book directly or contact us at for further details.


The light-up schedule in Shirakawa-go has been released.
Relax in Beniya Mukayu and enjoy the world heritage, Shiralawa-go.
It takes about 2 hours by car from our hotel.
Details as follow:

1st event Sunday,January 22 Wada house vicinity, Myozen-ji Temple vicinity, west side vicinity, Kanmachi vicinity, Shitagoso vicinity
2nd event Monday,January 23 Wada house vicinity, Myozen-ji Temple vicinity, west side vicinity, Kanmachi vicinity, Shitagoso vicinity
3rd event Sunday,January 29 Wada house vicinity, Myozen-ji Temple vicinity, west side vicinity, Kanmachi vicinity, Shitagoso vicinity
4th event Monday,January 30 Wada house vicinity, Myozen-ji Temple vicinity, west side vicinity, Kanmachi vicinity, Shitagoso vicinity
5th event Sunday,February 5 Wada house vicinity, Myozen-ji Temple vicinity, west side vicinity, Kanmachi vicinity, Shitagoso vicinity
6th event Monday,February 6 Wada house vicinity, Myozen-ji Temple vicinity, west side vicinity, Kanmachi vicinity, Shitagoso vicinity



©Thomas Ruff VG Bild-Kunst,Bonn 2016

©Thomas Ruff VG Bild-Kunst,Bonn 2016

©Thomas Ruff VG Bild-Kunst,Bonn 2016

Thomas Ruff (born in 1958 in Zell am Harmersbach, Germany) has been a leading figure in contemporary photography since the 1990s when he emerged as part of the Becher School. Along with Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth, Ruff studied photography with Bernd and Hilla Becher at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf.
The exhibition introduces a wide range of works by this world-renowned photographer, stretching from his earliest efforts to his most recent and never-before-shown photographs. Ruff was first acclaimed for a series of huge two-meter-high portraits. Since then, he has explored a variety of themes, including architecture, urban landscapes, nudes, and celestial bodies. Through these subjects, he has developed a unique vision of the world we live in.
The medium of photography, closely entwined with our vision and perception, is another important theme in Ruff’s work. He searches for new possibilities in photographic expression using a multitude of images as his materials. These not only include Ruff’s own pictures but everything from digital images from the Internet to old photographs he has collected.
This exhibition consists of a total of 18 series, approximately 160 works, including Ruff’s first effort Interieurs; Porträts, which earned him widespread acclaim; cassini and ma.r.s., inspired by his boyhood interest in outer space; and nude and jpeg, which examine visual and information spaces in the age of the Internet, and his most recent photographs, press ++.
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©Thomas Ruff VG Bild-Kunst,Bonn 2016

Mondays (Open on Jan 2, 3, 9), Jan 10

Tesla destination charger

Posted on: 10月 7th, 2016



September ,2016
We installed a Tesla charger at Beniya Mukayu, this is the first place in Ishikawa prefecture to place Tesla destination charger.
From Osaka to Beniya Mukayu is 250km,Nagoya to Beniya Mukayu is 200km and the tesla car is able to run 500km.
From these two places you don’t need to warry about the battery running out and enjoy your drive with Tesla car.
For the guest to charge it is complimentary.

HORIN ENTEI NO KAI Amazing Flowers

Posted on: 3月 29th, 2016


Amazing Flowers: Through the use of flowers and nature, Hananofu Shuho tries to create a person-to-person, person-to-thing and thing-to-thing connection. As an Ikebana Master who devotes herself to plants, Master Shuho continues offering flowers to the nature and deities. Her purpose is to create a richer life by being surrounded with nature. She has been collaborating with many creators from inside and outside of Japan from various fields such as musicians, contemporary artists, applied fine arts masters and architects.

Beniya Mukayu has the pleasure of inviting guests to participate in this purposeful event offered by Master Shuho.

Event Details:
●Floral Walk at Tsurugataki Waterfall
Greeting close and spending time with nature.
Mika Horie Atelier, a Japanese Paper artist will be hosting the lunch for all attendees
●Flower offerring at Horin, Beniya Mukayu
Offering flowers to invisible space
●Play with flowers, inside Mukayu
Enjoying life, making it life rich by one self.

A day with Shuho Floral walk, Flower offering,Play with flowers(Max. 15 people): JPY 20,000.00

Flower offering,Play with flowers (Max. 20 people): JPY 5,000.00


Baggage-free sightseeing in Kanazawa

Posted on: 7月 30th, 2015


Information deskKanawaza Station offers luggage delivery service, which allows you to directly send your luggage to Beniya Mukayu. The luggage will arrive at our ryokan by 5 p.m. or 8 p.m. on the same day you send it.
The details as follow:

Place : Information desk in Kanazawa Station
Time : 8:30~12:00 (the luggage will have been sent by 5 p.m.)
12:00~15:00 (the luggage will have been sent by 8 p.m.)
Price : JPY 800 per item
Call : TEL 076-232-6200

For more information (English staffs are available)
 Time : 9:30~18:30
 Tel : 076-232-3933
 E-mail :


Posted on: 3月 30th, 2015


pixta_14271574_LThe Hokuriku Shinkansen train is now open for service, linking Tokyo and Kanazawa since 14th March, 2015. This bullet train takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes which shortenings 1 hour and 20 minutes from the usual travel time.
We can say that the comfortable and convenient way to visit Beniya Mukayu has now launched, since Beniya Mukayu is only 30 minutes from Kanazawa by Thunderbird train. The guests can depart from Tokyo and bound in Beniya Mukayu within 3 hours.

Shinkansen has 4 type of ticket seat as follow:
Non- reserved seat
Reserved seat
Green seat
Grand class

Beniya Mukayu provides the Shinkansen ticket purchasing service for guests.

2015-03-16 13.03.41


Posted on: 12月 12th, 2014


プリントARCHITECTURE FOR DOGS—an earnest architectural project for the happiness of dogs and people alike—looks at architecture from a canine scale and explores new potentials in architecture.

Planning & direction: HARA Kenya
Co-Foundes by Imprint Venture Lab
Participating architects: Atelier Bow-Wow, ITO Toyo, MVRDV, KUMA Kengo, Konstantin GRCIC, SEJIMA Kazuyo, Torafu Architects, NAITO Hiroshi, BAN Shigeru, FUJIMOTO Sou, Reiser + Umemoto, Hara Design Institute, and HARA Kenya
KenyaHara×Poodle©Hiroshi YodaKenyaHara×Poodle©Hiroshi Yoda

Period :2014.12.6 (Sat.) - 2015.5.10 (Sun.)
10:00 - 18:00 (until 20:00 on Fridays and Saturdays)

Venue :21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa

Closed:Mondays, December 29 to January 1, 13, (Open on January 12)