"Empty rooms fill with light" go the words of the famous Chinese philosopher Zhuangzi, who lived 2,300 years ago. His words signify that a mind entirely free of everything exists in a place of nothing.

"Mukayu" meaning "non-existence" or "in the natural state" is a word of which Zhuangzi was particularly fond. Japanese often use the term in the saying "the countryside of mukayu".

In "the countryside of mukayu" people's values are overturned. Things ordinarily considered useless are instead regarded as possessing great value.

Take for example a large tree standing beside a road. The tree is bent, twisted and of no use for timber. As such it is left uncut. Because it is left uncut, it is able to grow tall and so provide much-needed shade to weary travelers on the road.

Consider the time that rests as empty space in a busy schedule book. It is in fact time filled with freedom because it is empty. It is the peace of mind found in the shade of a large tree which had initially appeared useless. Such are the thoughts and feelings that reside in the name of this inn "Mukayu".

Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama

Beniya Mukayu is a cozy 17-room hotel that embraces a wild garden with Red Pine, Cherry, Maple and Camellia trees in the mountains of Yakushiyama, Yamashiro Onsen.

Sun-dappled leaves wave in the breeze against the backdrop of a blue sky and a pleasant scent of trees wafts in the air. Our wish for you is that you leave behind your daily routine and spend a quiet, blissful time tuning into the rhythms of nature.

The building's open-plan design accentuates the beautiful surrounding landscape. Every room features an open-air hot spring bath so that you can mentally and physically relax in your own private spa.

We are committed to serving cuisine with the greatest affection and care, choosing the finest in season ingredients from the Kaga region and Noto peninsula. We continue to craft Mukayu’s original cuisine to renew your inspiration every time. Each dish is presented on local Kutani pottery or Yamanaka and Wajima lacquerware representing a sense of the cusine culture in Kaga. Our selection of drinks, including Japanese sake and wines are picked to enhance the flavours of your dinner and so immerse you in the delicacies of the Kaga region.

Our “Spa Entei Sejutsu-in”, located in the “Horin Entei” area, provides our signature “Yakushiyama treatment” inspired and developed from more than a thousand-year history of the healing spot of the Yakushiyama area at Yamashiro Onsen. The treatment uses hot spring water, rich in life-invigorating minerals and medical herbs and full of wondrous blessings of nature. Please feel the components of the hot spring water and medical herbs lavishly absorbed into your body and let your five senses fully enjoy the deep, comfortable relaxation. At the approach to the Spa, Kenya Hara’s artwork, “Tsukubai” welcomes you. We provide the same treatment services for men and women.

The “Horin”, adjacent to our Spa, is a spacious area with a forest of 25 pillars. Looking out over the sacred red pine tree in the center, the terrace reaches out to the wild garden. In “Horin dining” you can enjoy your dinner and breakfast with a view of our private garden and are welcome to join a Yoga class starting at seven every morning.

Please visit our library during your stay and discover our collection of books, CDs and DVDs.

Please have an enjoyable and relaxing stay at Mukayu.

Sincerely yours.

Kazunari Nakamichi
Beniya Mukayu Owner