Horin Entei

“Water conforms to the shape of the container.” These are the words of the Chinese philosopher Mengzi, who held that men adjust themselves to the system in which they exist. I believe, however, that it is possible to interpret this idea more freely. Regardless of a vessel’s shape, be it cubic or rounded, water changes its flow to adjust to the space in, through or around which it flows. Furthermore, it teaches us that the human mind is also free to flow like the water.

Water is a substance that flows into correctness (a strict “square”) and peace (a calm “circle”). It sometimes gushes forth in the rapid torrents of waterfalls and tsunami. It symbolizes comfort, passion, calm and cold. It is the origin of life, overflowing with a poetry that offers spiritual sustenance and the power to bring tears. It is also the hot spring that comforts both body and soul.

Horin Entei (方林円庭) is the place created to deliver the full memory, power and free flowing nature of this water to your entire body.

Horin Entei - the square forest of the earth and the circular garden of heaven: a wonderful place where people gather together to celebrate the power of water, body and soul, and the pleasure of heaven on earth, opened in Mukayu-no-Sato.

Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama Architect