New Routes to UNESCO World Heritage Shirakawa-go village

Posted on: 4月 1st, 2017

The beginning of Spring has arrived and with it access to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa-go from Beniya Mukayu is now easier than ever. New routes from Kanazawa mean this richly preserved and traditional Japanese village is even more accessible.

Travel from Beniya Mukayu to Kanazawa's architectural masterpiece of a train station and from there take one of 10 Express buses a day to enjoy the heritage site of Shirakawa-go. In only 80 minutes you could be experiencing this heritage site and beauty of it surrounding landscape, preserved in time and a gem to behold.

Delight in the profusion of Sakura Cherry Blossoms that bloom from Mid-April or visit during late May to enjoy the annual rice planting festival.

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