Yamashiro Daidengaku at Beniya Mukayu

Posted on: 5月 4th, 2017


At Beniya Mukayu we are holding Yamashiro Daidengaku on 24 June and 01 July.

You can enjoy a preview of this unique and intricate dance exclusively at our hotel

Performances start: 21:00
Duration: 15 minutes.
At Kaiseki Horin dining terrace. (weather restricting, the performance will be in the dining room)

Enjoy this wonderful dance performance during dinner or come after to enjoy this spectacle.

Daidengaku local event happening 28 & 29 July. Stay at Beniya Mukayu over 24 June and 01 July and enjoy the essence of this performance.

Daidengaku, a popular dance in the Heian period, has been resurrected in the form of a traditionally inspired dance by Nomura Manjo, a famous Kyogen actor. The Daidengaku has been resurrected and influenced by new forms of international and traditional Japanese music and dance.

The dance incorporates elaborate and colourful costumes as actors dance a mysterious and intricate dance whilst the sound of music and drums fills the air building to a crescendo as the dancers recreate the essence of this famous dance!