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*所要時間 : 3時間(昼食時間含)

福光屋は1625年(寛永2年)創業の金沢でもっとも古い歴史を持つ酒蔵です。With the highest level of craftsmanship and traditional family secret recipe, the brewery has enjoyed a reputation as one of the finest sake breweries in the area.

Attendees will have a chance to see the fermentation techniques from sake brewing and glance behind the secret door to what makes Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery so special.
Join the sake tasting opportunity and learn how to read the Sake label, the different grades of sake and how it should be drank.

Receive a surprise gift from Fukumitsuya Sake brewery and head over to the famous Sentori Sushi restaurant for lunch, where you can enjoy together with Fukumitsuya Sake.