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A Journey to Enjoy Food and Dishes in Kaga Region
2 nights

From the point of view of natural environment, the distinctive feature of the Kaga region is that the distance from the sources and estuaries of the two main rivers, Daishouji River and Iburibashi River, is relatively short, so Kaga contains various ecosystems which lead to biodiversity.
As a result, Kaga offers an incredible variety of fresh ingredients from the mountain, lakes and the Sea of Japan, which are the base for Kaga-style kaiseki cuisine, one of the most respected in Japan.
A number of famous sakes are brewed with the underground water from Hakusan, which go very well with the regional ingredients.
Committed to seasonality and respect of the unique regional food culture, our dishes are presented on local kutani pottery and lacquerware to fulfil a truly Japanese dining experience.

Food & Crafts in Kaga

  • Early check-in 14:00 & Late check-out 12:00
  • Complimentary herbal tea hand-picked by the Spa Entei therapists in the room
  • Welcome Japanese tea ceremony
  • Special dinner (on both nights)
  • Sommelier paring(on both nights)
  • Unique Experience
    Maruhachi Tea Factory ‘Tea guessing game Cha-Kabuki’
>Additional charge
+39,600 yen~(depending on the seasonality.)/per person for entire stay

Contents and benefits

Early check-in 14:00
Enjoy the hot spring bathing and complimentary herbal tea in the room
Visit Yamashiro Onsen
-Iroha Souan
-Suda Seika Pottery shop
Special Dinner & Sommelier paring
Unique Experience
Maruhachi Tea Factory ‘Tea guessing game Cha-Kabuki’
Visit Yamanaka Onsen
-Yamanaka lacquerware GATO MIKIO / 1
-Washu BAR Engawa
Special Dinner & Sommelier paring
Additional option: Spa treatment※
Late check-out 12:00

※Example: Yakushiyama Body Treatment 90 min. +27,500円 / per person(tax inclusive)

Sample Itinerary

    • For various optional services, we will contact you by e-mail after the reservation is confirmed. (if you have already decided on your request, please enter it in the comment section when you make a reservation. You can also contact us by e-mail or phone.)
    • We will follow up by e-mail regarding the availability and time of the spa treatments.

    Terms and conditions

    • Please reserve via email.
    • Our offers are tailor-made and always susceptible of your specific wishes. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We will make your stay unique and memorable.

    Phone: +81-(0)761-77-1340 / Email:


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