■Autumn Special Treatments Recommendation

Osmanthus and Rice Bran Oil Body Treatment

Our Autumn Special Treatment uses *osmanthus known for their sweet aroma and relaxation effect.
In combination with locally produced rice bran oil it helps to smoothen and moisturize your skin.
This treatment is particularly good for dry and damaged skin, improves natural protection from ultra-violet rays and assists in gently rejuvenating your body.

*Osmanthus (=Fragrant Olive)

◎Head massage with IOU-eye pillow and carbonated head mousse
IOU-stone is taken from a natural ore mined in Mt Iou, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is rich in high-quality minerals. Far-infrared rays generated from the stone warm the eyes from deep inside, and negative ions relieve tension.

・70 min.Body (back, legs), shoulders, head massage     24,200 yen
・90 min.  Full body, shoulders, head massage         27,500 yen
・100 min. Body (back, legs), face, shoulders, head massage   37,400 yen

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