Beniya Mukayu is located on the hillside of Yakushiyama - Healing Buddha’s Mountain - regarded as a sacred place of Hakusan Mountain worship. On the same premises, there used to be a Yakuoin Temple where monks studied Buddhist scriptures and healed people with hot spring baths and medicinal herbs. As a homage to local history, Beniya Mukayu provides three Libraries to study or read books, two communal baths to enjoy the hot springs, and the Spa Entei offers modernized healing treatments based on hot spring water and medicinal herbs.


    The ryokan stands at the end of a narrow slope leading from Yamashiro Onsen town. Past the green approach, the entrance opens in a spacious lobby. The sun shining through the trees and the gentle breeze moving the branches create a delightful interplay of light and shadow on the floor, which is made of local diatomaceous earth. Guests are lured from the entrance to the terrace and into the Forest Garden.

      Forest Garden

      The sacred 300 year-old Akamatsu Red Pine tree is the symbol tree of the Forest Garden. Large trees such as mountain cherry, maples, Japanese camellias and many other trees spread their branches freely, reflecting the changing seasons. One of the pleasures of the Forest Garden is to admire the variety of mosses thriving there.

        Onsen Communal Baths

        Beniya Mukayu has two communal baths: GENSEI, a bath for tranquil meditation featuring a round backrest in the bathtub; USUKŌ, a bath made of white cypress wood for purifying the body and mind. Each communal bath features an indoor bath, an open-air bath, and sauna. They are available to all guests, separated by gender. Boasting more than 1300 years history, the source of renowned Yamashiro Onsen contains high concentration of calcium, sodium and sulfate that not only improves blood circulation and soothes fatigue by thermal effects, but also improves physical and dermatology condition.


          Beniya Mukayu features three libraries, each one with its own unique atmosphere where you can enjoy reading a variety of books.
           Main Library
           Forest Library
           Library Zero

            Kaiseki Horin

            Kaiseki Horin is a fine dining restaurant with 25 pillars and a spacious terrace overlooking the Forest Garden. The "Rin" in the word "Horin" means "together" which indicates a place where people come together and sense new things. Dinner and breakfast are served here.

            Spa Entei and Tsukubai “Ho-sun”

            A large, round, black pool and the artwork TSUKUBAI "Ho-sun" by Kenya Hara are in front of the Spa Entei. The artwork was installed at Beniya Mukayu after being exhibited at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa in 2005.
            Spa Entei and its signature treatments were inspired by Yakushiyama - Healing Buddha’s Mountain - where local monks healed people using hot spring water and medicinal herbs.