Beniya Mukayu is perched on the hillside of Yakushiyama-Healing Buddha’s Mountain regarded as a sacred place of Hakusan Mountain worship. There used to be a historic Yakuoin Temple where monks studied Buddhist scriptures. At the same time, it was a sacred place for healing, where the monks cured people by providing hot spring baths and preparing medicinal herbs. In accordance with the history, we provide the Library to study or read books, the big communal bath to enjoy hot spring, a serene space named Horin like temple and Spa Entei to offer modernized healing treatment using hot spring water and medicinal herbs.


    A hot spring inn situated peacefully at the end of a narrow slope continued from Yamashiro Onsen Town. Guests are welcomed at the entrance by abundant greenery and lead to the lobby that embraces the beautiful contrasts of light-and-shade then reaching the private natural Japanese garden.

      Private Natural Japanese Garden

      The sacred 300-year-old Akamatsu Red Pine tree is the symbol tree of the natural garden. Large trees such as mountain cherry trees, weeping cherry trees, maple trees, camellia trees and many others spread their branches freely, reflecting to the audiences the passage of the seasons. One of the pleasures of the garden walk is admiring the variety of mosses at your feet. There is also a tea room "Eirakuan" related to Eiraku Wazen.


        The anterior area is a space full of light with white in fundamental theme, allowing one to appreciate trees and flowers in the garden. In the rear is a black-toned calm space with bookshelves fitting for a quiet study session. You can find the books written by authors related to this area alongside art books, botanical illustrations and so on.

          Communal Hot Spring Baths

          The Indoor and outdoor communal hot spring baths with a hot sauna are available for all guests, separated between gentlemen and ladies. Boasting more than 1300 years history, the source of renowned Yamashiro-Onsen contains high concentration of Calcium, Sodium and Sulfate that not only improves blood circulation and soothes fatigue by thermal effects, but also to help improve physical and dermatology condition with rich minerals. Moreover, it increases the skin’s elasticity, giving the skin a silky and smooth texture.

            ‘Kaiseki Horin’

            “Kaiseki Horin” is a fine dining with a forest of 25 pillars overlooking the natural garden and the spacious terrace. The “Rin” in the word “Horin” means “together” which signifies it as a place where people come together and sense new things. Dinner and breakfast are served here. Yoga session is also available in the morning.

            Spa Entei and Tsukubai “Ho-sun”

            Entei has a large round pond with a sculpture “Tsukubai Ho-sun” designed by Kenya Hara (Published in 2005 at 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Relocated in 2006 at Beniya Mukayu). Here we have the “Spa Entei” which is inspired by Yakushiyama “Healing Buddha’s Mountain”, a healing spot with more than a thousand-year history in which the monks in the temples cured people using hot springs and medicinal herbs. In homage to this heritage, we have conceived our signature Yakushiyama treatment encouraging peace and serenity in both physical and spiritual way.