Beniya Mukayu has 16 spacious rooms with serene and peaceful atmosphere. All the rooms are facing to the private Japanese garden where the trees are enjoying their freedom to stretch out. The windows of every guest room are widely open towards the garden to invite nature to pour inside. The guests are encouraged to tune themselves into the rhythms of nature. All the rooms feature a private open-air hot spring bath overlooking the garden, allowing a soak in onsen at any time you like and as long as you want.

    Japanese Premier Tatami Garden View

    Every Japanese Premier Tatami Garden View room has a bamboo veranda that leads to the wooden outdoor balcony with clear views into an authentic Japanese garden. An authentically arranged Japanese rooms focus on the interaction with nature. Traditional materials such as tatami flooring, Japanese paper, bamboo and clay are carefully layered and transformed into a more contemporary design.

    Japanese-style tatami room + bamboo veranda leading to an outdoor Terrace + open-air hot spring bath

    ◎Located on the 1st floor or Garden floor, facing to the garden.

    ◎Optional jacuzzi or hammock available on request.

    ◎Futon mattress and pillow menu

    ◎Room size is 65㎡~70㎡

      Western Premier Garden View

      Pure Western luxury overlooking the authentic Japanese moss garden below. Featuring a balcony with skylight and hammock, comfortable sofa for relaxing and private open-air hot spring bath composing into a private retreat experience.

      Modern-style Bedroom + Sofa + Outdoor terrace + open-air hot spring bath

      ◎Located on the 2nd floor, facing to the garden.

      ◎On the roof of the terrace has skylights hole which you enjoy the moon light.

      ◎Stairways leading up to the room. Not suitable for elderly or disabled**

      ◎Room size is 60㎡

        Zen Style Executive Suite

        These luxury suites offer the best of both styles of authentic Japanese style room and cozy Western style bedroom, facing to the natural garden where the trees such as pine, mountain sakura, weeping sakura, maples, camellias and other trees spread their branches.

        Japanese-styled Living room + Bamboo veranda with Lookout + Western-styled Bedroom + open-air hot spring bath

        ◎Located on the 2nd – 4th floor, facing to the garden.

        ◎Room has walk-in closet.

        ◎Room size is 85㎡~90㎡.

          Wakamurasaki Suite

          Wakamurasaki Suite is a 110 square meters of unrivalled space with a view of cherry blossom in spring, vibrant greens in Summer, colored leaves in Autumn and falling snow in Winter. Featuring floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that can be opened widely into the garden, you may admire the mountain cherry that is over 100 years old right in front of you with cherry blossom petals in the spring and colored leaves in the autumn fluttering into the suite.

          Japanese-styled Tatami room + Living room + Bamboo Veranda + Western-styled Bedroom + Private open-air hot spring bath

          ◎Located on the 2nd floor, facing to the garden

          ◎3m Urushi lacquer table

          ◎Room has walk-in closet.

          ◎Room size is 110㎡.

            Byakuroku Terrace Suite

            Byakuroku Terrace Suite features a secluded private open-air hot spring bath and a large wooden terrace stretching in hand-reaching distance into the natural garden. It is the perfect place to escape from everyday life while cleansing and rejuvenating your mind. The study inserted in between the bath and terrace is a space for creative imagination or meditative thought coming from a refreshed mind.

            Japanese-styled living room + Study + Bamboo Veranda leading to Outdoor Terrace + Western-styled Bedroom + open-air hot spring bath

            ◎Located on the 1st floor, facing to the garden.

            ◎Room has floor heating.

            ◎Room has walk-in closet.

            ◎Room size is 100㎡.

            General Information

            Japanese Premier Tatami Garden View
            6 rooms
            Western Premier Garden View
            2 rooms
            Zen Style Executive Suite
            6 rooms
            Wakamuraski Suite
            1 room
            Byakuroku Terrace Suite
            1 room

            Total 16 rooms

            Meals are served in Kaiseki Horin.
            Hot spring bath
            All the rooms have shower booth, private open-air hot spring bath.
            Separate indoor and open-air public hot spring bath and saunas for men and women.
            Yakushiyama amenities
            Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion, make-up cleanser, facial wash, lotion, emulsion.
            Yukata, bath towel, face towel, hand towel, body towel, cotton set, hair elastic, soap, hair brush, tooth brush, razor, hair dryer.
            Free unlimited Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.
            Soft drinks and alcohols are available.
            Air-conditioning and heating
            Credit card
            VISA, JCB, AMEX, DINERS,
            UC, DC, MASTER