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Our town Yamashiro Onsen was written as “山背温泉” in the old days, meaning ‘a land of rushing hot springs backed by the mountain.’ This Mountain refers to the sacred Mt. Hakusan. The clear water from Mt. Hakusan forms a wealthy natural environment that nurtures the ancient beech forests alongside various animals and plants. Those living here with the natural treasury inherit "food", "crafts" and "culture" for generations; rice, sake, soy sauce, agriculture, fishery, Kutani potterly, Yamanaka lacquer, Japanese paper and so on... These support the daily lives of local people and at the same time Beniya Mukayu’s hospitality. We have prepared a variety of experiences unique to Beniya Mukayu, in which you might get to know more about people’s livelihood with nature in the area of Kaga.

List of Experiences

About Booking

Beniya Mukayu’s English speaking staff can guide activities on site or take you to a local exclusiveexperience & access to discover the real Japan by family spirit.For full terms and conditions regarding the tours please contact us by mail.

◎ Tours available for at least 2 night stay guests (min. 2 people)

◎ Excluding transportation fee

◎ Advance reservation (7 days) required

◎ Cancellation 1 day prior 30% charged, on the day 50% charged

◎ Tours start at 10:00~

◎ Duration 1.0 – 5 hours