Discover local Japan
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Our town Yamashiro Onsen was written as “山背温泉” in the old days, meaning ‘a land of rushing hot springs backed by the mountain.’ This Mountain refers to the sacred Mt. Hakusan. The clear water from Mt. Hakusan forms a wealthy natural environment that nurtures the ancient beech forests alongside various animals and plants. Those living here with the natural treasury inherit "food", "crafts" and "culture" for generations; rice, sake, soy sauce, agriculture, fishery, Kutani potterly, Yamanaka lacquer, Japanese paper and so on... These support the daily lives of local people and at the same time Beniya Mukayu’s hospitality. We have prepared a variety of experiences unique to Beniya Mukayu, in which you might get to know more about people’s livelihood with nature in the area of Kaga.

List of Private Unique Experiences

Tea Ceremony
— Welcome by the Ryokan Owners

At Beniya Mukayu
20 min
¥1,100 / per person

Japanese culture is highlighted through the tea ceremony. At Beniya Mukayu the tea ceremony is offered to the guests by the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Nakamichi. Enjoy the bowl of tea and the conversations with the owners.

Chashaku (tea spoon) Making Experience
— Craft a Unique Tool for Enriching Your Tea Time

At Beniya Mukayu
80 min
16,500 yen / per person

The bamboo Chashaku used in Japanese tea ceremony was originally whittled down by the tea masters themselves for each meeting that is to be considered as Ichigo-Ichie, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’.
With bamboo materials such as rough-curved one for Chashaku and one for Tomo-Dutsu ‘small container for Chashaku’, first decide the shape of your Chashaku. Adjust its essential parts such as Kaisaki ‘paddle for scooping’ and Kiridome ‘bottom edge’ using a small knife according to your taste. Finally, write the name of Chashaku and the author’s name in ink with writing brush. Please enjoy making tea with your own Chashaku, combining it with other tea things of your choice.

Wagashi Sweets Making Experience
— Savor the Delicate Taste of Japan

At a local wagashi shop
1.5 hours (10 minutes on foot)
JPY 11,000 / per person

Wagashi are Japanese traditional sweets. Among them, nerikiri are made of sweetened bean paste and yam potato and they are usually served during the tea ceremony or for other special occasions. Nerikiri often allude to the ephemeral beauty found in the changing seasons, which is an important element in Japanese aesthetics. In this experience you will learn the basics of nerikiri making, concepts, ingredients and techniques. Guided by the patissiere Rika Yokoya, you will try your hand in shaping two pieces using traditional tools, one to be eaten at once and the other can be also taken away and enjoyed at Beniya Mukayu later.

Flower Appreciation and Arrangement
— Mukayu’s Aesthetics and Zen

At Beniya Mukayu
1 hour
13,200 yen / per person

We share an enjoyable time to cherish nature and seasonal flowers. In the front garden, the approach, and the mountain garden of Beniya Mukayu, you will see a variety of plants in their natural state: buds, blossoms, and fruits. Take a stroll with our landlady or staff members to find your favorite plants. Pick your favorite ones, take them back, and arrange them in a vase with your own hands. Our style is rooted in Japanese tea ceremony; the flowers are arranged as naturally as if they were in the field. The flowers you arranged will be placed in your room for you to enjoy.

Kimono Wearing Experience
— Dress Like a Japanese

At a local kimono shop
2 hours (5 minutes on foot)
¥18,700 / per person

Kimono is the traditional clothing of Japanese people. In modern day Japan, it is worn during special occasions such as weddings, tea ceremonies and formal traditional events. Here at Beniya Mukayu, join a local kimono shop owner who will instruct you in the essentials of Japanese “kimono” dressing, how it should be worn and how to use it in an authentic Japanese style before choosing a beautiful Kimono of your choice. The kimono shop owner will take pictures of you in some iconic places in Yamashiro Onsen: a nice memory to take home.

※Unavailable on Tuesdays.

Kinrande Experience
— The Tradition in Your Hands

At Kinzan Kutaniyaki kiln
2.5 hours (including transfer time, one way 30 min by taxi)
¥22,000 / per person (excluding shipping fee)

Gold and colour: learn how to master them in creating unique Kutaniyaki porcelain at one of the kilns that has excelled in this art, Kinzangama Kiln, founded and run by the Yoshita family since 1906. Meet the artists and artisans that design and realize stunning tableware, look at their techniques and learn how to apply gold leaf to colourful Kutaniyaki porcelain objects using professional tools. Let traditional techniques and patterns fuel your creativity while making your own piece, and feel the tradition being alive in your hands.

The price for the international guests includes a special brochure in English.

Woodturning Experience
― Learn Local Techniques and Craft Your Wooden Masterpiece

At the artist’s studio
2 hours
¥ 22,000 / per person (excluding shipping fees)

Yamanaka is famous for its woodturning and lacquerware and it also hosts a very prestigious school for woodturners and lacquerware artists. Graduated after a four-year program there, Terai Laku has established his woodturning studio in the mountains near Yamanaka where he crafts objects that carry on a tradition that has been passed on for more than 400 years. You will be able to sketch your own piece and carve it from a single block of wood. Laku will then finish it by applying the lacquer and send it to your home address after 3 months.

Kamisuki Paper Making Experience
— Enjoy Japanese Paper Making

At the artist’s Studio
2 hours
¥13,200 / per person

Immerse yourself in the traditional processes and natural plant sources of Japanese Washi paper production. Become creative and make your own special postcards in the peaceful surroundings of nature in company of the artist Mika Horie. Ganpi trees are the finest element in the production of the king of paper Ganpi-shi. You will explore the history of paper making in the MUME art studio and enjoy the seasonal view of the mountain village.

Maruhachi Roasted Tea Tasting
― Appreciating the Power of Fire

At Maruhachi Seichajo
1.5 hours
¥8,800 / per person  

Roasted tea is an everyday staple in Kaga and Kanazawa. Maruhachi Tea Factory was established in 1863, its most famous product is called Kenjo Kaga Boucha and it is made by lightly roasting tea stems of the best quality. During this experience, you will learn about the unique roasting process of tea, next, you will move to Sogakuken, where there is a laboratory and a tearoom. There, you will observe a small roasting machine in action and taste the tea before and after the roasting. In the tearoom, you will be served sweets and tea, which will be prepared in front of you.

Closed on Wednesdays. Factory tours available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the factory tour is substituted by a video.

Japanese Natural Lacquer URUSHI Experience
— Discover the Traditional Art

At the artists’ studio
4 hours ~
¥22,000 / per person

Urushi lacquer is made using natural extracted sap and it has been used and appreciated since ancient times. You will paint a Japanese traditional fan ‘Uchiwa’ with colorful urushi paints using a paintbrush, you will be guided by Yukiko Futakuchi and Yuki Mori who studied under Tomizo Saratani that is a world renowned urushi artist. Create your own original fan and bring it as a memory of Japanese culture.

※During this experience you will use urushi lacquer that naturally contains urushiol. Please be aware that in some cases urushiol may cause an allergic skin rash on contact.

Ozuchi Mountain Hiking
— Back to Nature

4 hours (including transfer time, each way 25 min by taxi)
¥17,600 / per person

Join our mountain master, Noboru Nimaida, to explore Ozuchi, a hidden gem on the mountain. There are traditional old Japanese houses made out of clay. Stop by at the nearest cold spring water to refresh your body. Follow the manmade path or more adventurous off-track path to discover the enchanting mountain.

※Available in April, May, June, July, September and October.

About Booking

Beniya Mukayu’s English speaking staff can guide activities on site or take you to a local unique experience & access to discover the real Japan by family spirit. For full terms and conditions regarding the tours please contact us by mail.

◎ Tours available for at least 2 night stay guests (min. 2 people)

◎ Excluding transportation fee

◎ Advance reservation (7 days) required

◎ Cancellation 1 day prior 50% charged, on the day 100% charged

◎ Tours start at 10:00~

◎ Duration 1.0 – 5 hours