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2 Nights Stay with Benefits

We offer here a two nights stay for fully enjoying your stay at Beniya Mukayu.

We offer different menus each day of your stay. The menu will change according to the seasons, but no matter what the season is, there will always be at least two specialties, such as hot pot and zosui porridge on the first night, and clay pot rice cooked with seasonal ingredients on the second night.

The best recommendation for autumn is, above all, charcoal-grilled dishes. Because Kaga region is rich in ingredients, charcoal grilling is a seasonal luxury that cannot be replaced by anything else, as it conveys the deliciousness of the ingredients as they are. For the second night of your stay, the autumn delicacy of cooked rice with seven mushrooms is served, which would be one of the finest tastes available only in autumn. We hope you enjoy it.
The dinner menu may change according to availability. If you wish to have specific dishes, please let us know in advance.

~How to Spend Your Time~
For the second day of your stay, how about a spa treatment at the Spa Entei? For those staying two nights with us, we will upgrade the head massage to a carbonated one. We also recommend taking part in one of our unique experiences available on site. There is also a library inside where guests are welcome to enjoy and relax at any time. With a book of your choice in hand, enjoy a peaceful moment while admiring the view of the mountain garden.

You can also go for a stroll in Yamashiro Onsen town. The Kosoyu, a recreation of a public bathhouse in the Meiji era, the Iroha Soan, where renowned artist Rosanjin once stayed, and the Suda Seika Kiln, where he learned to make Kutani pottery, are all within a few minutes’ walk from us. Yamashiro Onsen has a long history, boasting 1,300 years since its opening. It would be interesting to visit Yakuoin Onsenji Temple, where Myokaku Shonin, the founder of the “Gojyuonzu” (the Japanese syllabary table) is said to be buried, and the five-ring pagoda (National Important Cultural Property in the early Muromachi period) to recollect the past.

Departure on the 3rd day. Enjoy late check-out privilege until 12:00 pm.

    • Early check-in (14:00) and late check-out (12:00)
    • Kakidoshi tea in your room hand-picked by therapists of Spa Entei
    • Benefit for spa: The head massage will be upgraded to a carbonated head massage
    • 10% discount on our unique experiences

    Selectable tailor-made unique experiences and activities

    • Chashaku (teaspoon) making experience (+16,500 yen / person)
    • Moss terrarium making experience (+13,200 yen / person)
    • Hakusan medicinal herbal ball making experience (+13,200 yen / person)
    • Kamisuki paper making experience (+13,200 yen / person)
    • Strolling around Yamashiro downtown with kimono (include commemorative photo) (+18,700 yen / person)
    >Additional charge

    Contents and benefits

    • Please book from the link below.
    • Please select date for 2 nights, and it will appear in the list. Please select ” 2 Nights Stay with Benefits”.
    • 3 nights or more are also recommendable.
    • One of the two nights can be changed to no dinner (breakfast only). A discount of 10,000 yen per person per night is available. Check-in time is until 19:00. Japanese breakfast will be served.


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