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Our town Yamashiro Onsen was written as “山背温泉” in the old days, meaning ‘a land of rushing hot springs backed by the mountain.’ This Mountain refers to the sacred Mt. Hakusan. The clear water from Mt. Hakusan forms a wealthy natural environment that nurtures the ancient beech forests alongside various animals and plants. Those living here with the natural treasury inherit "food", "crafts" and "culture" for generations; rice, sake, soy sauce, agriculture, fishery, Kutani potterly, Yamanaka lacquer, Japanese paper and so on... These support the daily lives of local people and at the same time Beniya Mukayu’s hospitality. We have prepared a variety of experiences unique to Beniya Mukayu, in which you might get to know more about people’s livelihood with nature in the area of Kaga.

List of Experiences


Japanese Natural Lacquer URUSHI Experience
— Discover the Traditional Art

3 hours ~
¥ 22,000 per person

“Urushi” urushiol lacquer which is created using natural extracted paint and adhesive and it has been loved since ancient times. You will paint a Japanese traditional fan Uchiwa with colorful urushi paints using a paintbrush, you will be guided by Yukiko Futakuchi and Yuki Mori who studied under Tomizo Saratani that is a world renowned urushi artist. Create your own original fan and bring it as a memory of Japanese culture. ※During this experience you will be using natural urushiol lacquer. Please be aware that people with allergies to urushi may be at risk.


Kamisuki Paper Making Experience
— Enjoy Japanese Paper Making

2 hours
¥ 11,000 per person

Immerse yourself in the traditional processes and natural plant sources of Japanese Washi paper production. Become creative and make your own special postcards in the peaceful surroundings of nature. Ganpi trees are the finest element in the production of the king of paper Ganpi-shi. You will explore the history of paper making in the MUME art studio and enjoy the seasonal view of the mountain village.

Tea Ceremony by the Ryokan Owner

20 min
¥1,100 per person

Japanese culture is highlighted through the tea ceremony. In Mukayu the tea ceremony is offered to the guests by the owner himself, Mr. Nakamichi. Enjoy the bowl of tea and the conversations with the owner.

※Due to countermeasures against the new coronavirus infection, the event is now temporarily suspended.

Yoga Class

45 min

Every morning before breakfast, the yoga class is held. With a view of 300 years old sacred red pine tree, stretch your muscles to release the tension, calm your breathing and practice meditation. Anyone who wants to come is welcome.

※Due to countermeasures against the new coronavirus infection, the event is now temporarily suspended.

Ozuchi Mountain Hiking
— Back to Nature

4 hours (including lunch)
¥ 17,600 per person

Join our mountain master, Noboru Nimaida, to explore Ozuchi, a hidden gem on the mountain. There are traditional old Japanese houses made out of clay. Stop by at the nearest cold spring water to refresh your body. Follow the manmade path or more adventurous off-track path to discover the enchanting mountain. Admire the nature while having a picnic at your favourite spot or at the traditional kitchen of the mountain master and enjoy a special lunch box prepared by Beniya Mukayu’s chef.

About Booking

Beniya Mukayu’s English speaking staff can guide activities on site or take you to a local unique experience & access to discover the real Japan by family spirit. For full terms and conditions regarding the tours please contact us by mail.

◎ Tours available for at least 2 night stay guests (min. 2 people)

◎ Prices start from ¥11,000

◎ Excluding transportation fee(Japanese sales tax included)

◎ Advance reservation (7 days) required

◎ Cancellation 1 day prior 30% charged, on the day 50% charged

◎ Tours start at 11:30

◎ Duration 1.5 – 5 hours