Hot Spring

Spring quality: Calcium, Sodium, Sulfate Hot
Spring Water. Guests begin their treatments after soaking in hot spring water to enhance the treatment effects.We also offer a hot spring-footbath after the treatments with curative herbs from Hakusan Mountain and inidually selected medicinal herbs.Hot spring water has benefits such as body warming, hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy and pharmacological.“Warming effect” brings the heat to the body, and improves the blood/lymphatic circulation and metabolism. Moreover, body wastes or toxins can be removed. “Hydrostatic pressure” causes blood vessels to contract, and sluggish circulation around the foot can be eased by pushing up the blood. The rate of breathing and the cardiopulmonary function will be also increased by pressing the diaphragm and lungs. “Buoyancy effect” alleviates the pressure in the muscles and joints, and the body will be released from tension. Regarding “pharmacological” the spring quality is Calcium, Sodium, Sulfate Hot Spring, known as “Spring water for beautiful skin”. It is believed to be effective for neuralgia, muscle pains/aches, joint pains, stiff shoulders, fluid retention in the joints, bruise, sprain, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, sensitivity to cold, convalescence stage, fatigue recovery and health improvement.

Yakushiyama and Entei Spa

The Yamashiro hot spring has been nurtured in a close relationship with “Hakusan (White Mountain),” a sacred mountain in the area. In the Heian period (about 1,000 years ago), the five Hakusan temples were completed, which came to play a central role in people’s beliefs in Hakusan. The Yakuoin Onsenji temple in Yamashiro thrived as the main temple among the five Hakusan Temples. The area around Yakuoin Onsenji used to be called “Yakushiyama (Healing Buddha’s Mountain)” for its high spirituality, which was a place for training and learning for Buddhist monks, and at the same time, a place for healing, where the monks cured people by providing hot spring baths and preparing medicinal herbs. Beniya Mukayu is a hot-spring hotel quietly standing on a hill of this sacred Yakushiyama, where the main hall of Yakuouin Onsenji was once located. At our “Entei spa”, we provide “Yakushiyama treatment” and other treatments for mental and physical health care using hot spring water and medicinal herbs, inheriting the spirit of traditional Yakushiyama hot spring and herbal remedies provided by local monks.

Medicinal Herb Matrix
“Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho”

Medicinal Herb Matrix
“Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho”

Menu | Yakushiyama Treatment

We provide counseling based on the principle of the medicinal herbal matrix, “Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho,” and prepare a custom blended “herbal ball,” “herbal cream,” and “Herbal gommage,” according to the physical condition and constitution of each guest.

Yakushiyama Body Treatment

◎ Body (back only), shoulders , head , herbal ball
70 min.: ¥24,200
◎ Full-body, shoulders, head, herbal ball
90 min.: ¥27,500
◎ Full-body, shoulders, head, herbal ball
120 min.: ¥31,900

We provide counseling based on the principle of the medicinal herbal matrix, “Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho,” and prepare a custom blended “herbal ball” and “herbal cream,” according to the physical condition and constitution of each guest.
Then, therapist will offer you a treatment customized to your condition and request, such as slimming, relaxing, recovery from fatigue, etc.. After the massage, steamed herbal balls will be applied as hot compressses, pressed gently against the body. Entei Spa’s original “medicinal herbal ball” and “medicinal herbal cream massage” will allow deep penetration of the herbs’ medicinal components, leaving the body refreshed and balanced.
Herbal ball - a blend of traditional oriental medicinal herbs wrapped in cotton. The ball is steamed and used as a hot compress.
Herbal cream – a blend of brewed traditional medicinal herbs, hot spring mineral water, medicinal herbal oil and Onkuchu Cream (a cream consisting of 24 types of medicinal herbs).

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Yakushiyama Facial Treatment

◎ Shoulders, facial, head, herbal ball
70 min.: ¥30,800
◎ Back, shoulders, facial, head, herbal ball
90 min.: ¥34,100

We provide counseling based on the principle of the medicinal herbal matrix, “Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho,” and prepare custom blended “Herbal balls,” and “Herbal gommage” according to the physical condition and constitution of each guest.
“Herbal gommage” removes the dirt from your pores and the waste keratin, so that your skin absorbs the nutrients efficiently from the herbs and the hot spring water throughout the treatment. Steamed “Herbal balls” will be pressed gently around your neck and shoulders. A lift-up massage will alleviate swelling or fatigue, and tightens up facial contours. This massage is performed using “Yakushiyama emulsion” from our Mukayu brand skincare line of the “Yakushiyama Amenity”. It contains ingredients like a serum which has a smooth texture like an emulsion. It also provides nourishment for damaged skin. Treatment will be completed with “Yakushiyama lotion” and “Yakushiyama emulsion”, adding the “Yakushiyama aging-care line” which is rich in placenta extracts to aid whitening, aging-care, and rejuvenate your skin.
*All courses include decollete and head massage.

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Yakushiyama Body & Facial Treatment Combinations

◎ Body (back only), facial, head, herbal ball

120 min.: ¥38,500
◎ Full-body, facial, head, herbal ball

140 min.: ¥41,800

A combination of Yakushiyama Body and Facial Treatment at a more affordable price. Please refer to the menu of Yakushiyama body treatments and Yakushiyama facial treatments for full details.

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Menu | Others

Yakushiyama Pregnancy Treatment

◎ Body (back only),shoulders, head, herbal ball

70 min.: ¥25,300

◎ Shoulders, facial, head , herbal ball
70 min.: ¥30,800
◎ Body (back only) , facial, head, herbal ball
90 min.: ¥34,100

This treatment is aimed at approaching to troubles such as stiff shoulders, back pain, coldness, swelling of legs, which tend to occur during pregnancy.
The treatment is performed in a position that avoids stress on your abdominal area.
*Please refer to the menu of Yakushiyama facial treatment for full details about the facial treatment.
*We recommend you to schedule this treatment before dinner.

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Aromatherapy Body Treatment

◎ Body (Back only), shoulders, head
50 min.: ¥19,800
◎ Full-body, head
70 min.: ¥22,000

Aromatherapy is a treatment utilizing essential oils extracted from plants based on the study of herbal medicine. The highly aromatic essential oils facilitate breathing, whereas the slow rhythm, fluid touch, and gentle pressure of the massage will lead to a deeper state of relaxation.
We use Mukayu’s originally blended 100%-pure essential oil extracted from organic plants and wild species.

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Muscle Therapy Body Treatment

◎ Body (back only), shoulders , head
70 min.: ¥22,000
◎ Full-body, shoulders, head
90 min.: ¥24,200
◎ Full-body, shoulders, head
120 min.: ¥26,400

This treatment is a combination of essential oil massage and body stretching for the recovery from muscle fatigue. Essential oils effective for muscle relaxation,
blood circulation and lactic acid degradation are used. The treatment is effective for the entire body, especially for neck, shoulder, back and leg fatigues.

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Japanese pressure point massage

◎ Full-body, head
50 min.: ¥16,500
◎ Full-body, head
70 min.: ¥18,700

This is the pressure point massage without any oils, removing stiffness from the entire body, especially focusing on the neck, shoulders and back.
It is applied slowly along the meridians to eliminate fatigue.
*Guests are asked to change into our treatment outfit.

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Seasonal Menu

Seasonal and limited time offers are also available. Please contact the spa for details.

Menu | Optional Menu

The following options can be combined with any other treatment courses on the menu.

Treatment for abdomen

20 min.: ¥5,500
This is effective when combined with a body treatment. This treatment activates intestines by focusing on acupuncture points and lymph circulation.
It is effective for problems such as digestive weakness, stress and jet lag.
*We recommend you to schedule this treatment before dinner.

Head Massage with IOU-stone eye pillow

20 min.: ¥5,500

This scalp massage provides nourishment to your scalp and hair by using “medicinal herbal cream.” It boosts blood circulation in the scalp and removes fatigue from the head, neck and eyes. An IOU-stone* eye pillow is used during the massage to keep your eyes warm. It is effective for eye strain and sleeplessness.
*IOU-stone is taken from a natural ore mined in Mt Iou, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. It is rich in high-quality minerals. Far-infrared rays generated from the stone warm the eyes from deep inside, and negative ions relieve tension.

Reflexology Foot Massage

20 min.: ¥5,500

Reflexology is a therapy which vitalizes various parts of the body by applying gentle pressure on the reflex points of the soles of the feet. It helps recovery from disorders by approaching the troubled part of body.

Yakushiyama Herbal Steam Tent

30 min.: ¥8,800

Mt.Hakusan’s herbs are steamed in a tent, bringing medicinal vapors to the body and promoting sweating. It promotes blood circulation and is
effective in improving coldness and swelling. In addition, the relaxing and detoxifying effects of the herbal scent can be expected.
*We recommend you to schedule this treatment before dinner.

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About Booking

Business hour

10:00 A.M.–2:00 P.M.
(Please make a reservation by 8:30 P.M. on the previous day.)

2:00 P.M. – 11:00 P. M. ※Last Entry 9:30 P.M.
(Please make a reservation by 8:30 P.M. on the day.)

◎Please make a booking in advance to ensure your treatments.
◎The treatment services are also available for guests before check-in, guests after checkout, and visitors from outside.
◎Cancellations made after 10:00 P.M. a day prior will incur a 50% charge. No show will incur a 100% charge.
◎If you have allergies or any other health concerns, please let us know when you make a reservation.
Please understand that there may be cases we have to decline to provide the treatment services depending on your health conditions.
◎If you are pregnant, please let us know when you make a reservation.
◎Unfortunately your treatment time might be shortened if you are late for your reservation.
◎The treatments are available for persons aged 16 or older.
◎Please refrain from accompanying children.

◎Prices mentioned above are all tax inclusive.