【Limited Offer】With Aroma Spray Workshop

To commemorate the opening of the Forest library as our 2nd library. Standard half board plan with complimentary aroma spray workshop (14:40~) with staff of Spa Entei.

Spa Entei – Energizing spray making workshop, available until the end of October.Before checking-in, enjoy a 20-minutes workshop: after a consultation based on the Medicinal Herb Matrix “Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho” the Spa Entei therapists will help you to create a unique energizing spray that will remind you of your stay at Beniya Mukayu.

Period: available until the end of October
Time: starting from 14:40
Duration: about 20 minutes
Location: Forest Library

Content of the workshop: Consultation and *energizing spray making

*Energizing spray: an aroma spray that blends natural essential oils extracted from the plants that grow naturally on Hakusan (white mountain), to be used when you want to refresh your mood or purify the air in a room.

◎The number of participants is limited, so please contact us in advance if you would like to participate.

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For details and reservations, please visit our website and select the package,【Limited Offer】With Aroma Spray Workshop.