Countermeasures Against COVID19 : All-Titan(AT254)Coating

Beniya Mukayu implemented ‘All Titan AT254 Coating’ last month to strengthen preventive measures against coronavirus infection. The AT254 coat maintains the coating film for a long period of time and contributes to the inactivation of viruses on contact surface, especially when applied to areas that are frequently touched by the guests and staffs alike.

The major three routes of transmission of Coronavirus are:

① Contact infection
② Droplet infection
③ Airborne infection

Among these routes, presumably ‘①Contact infection’ would play a significant part.

Virus suppression mechanism by all titan AT254 coat:
It is thought that there is a reaction with the concentrated oxidants in the inorganic porous spaces in the coating film and this causes damage to the viral proteins (spikes) which are essential for the viral infectivity, thus the viruses are devitalized.

In addition to its anti-virus effect, the AT254 coat also deodorize and remove toxic chemicals from air along with antistatic effects.

It has been confirmed by authorized institutions to be harmless to both the human body and the environment.

* Japan Food Research Laboratories; Test No. 106080

* Japan Paint Inspection Association; Ingredient Confirmation Test No. 064787 and Japan Paint Inspection No. 06009

* The product is designated as ‘Point Green’ authenticated. ‘POINT GREEN’ is a campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues among the public in Japan.

Beniya Mukayu will continue to ensure the safety of our valued guests and employees by constantly incorporating the latest scientific findings and taking effective measures against viral infections.