Our Response to COVID-19

Beniya Mukayu is a ryokan with 16 guest rooms located on a spacious site of more than 3,000 tsubo (approx. 9,917 square meters) up on the hill. Our facility is built around a natural mountain garden where various trees spread branches that provide a feeling of openness as nature flows in and around. All of our guest rooms have a private open-air bath in each room and are facing the garden. We hope you enjoy your stay at Beniya Mukayu where you can live in harmony with nature.

Although our facility is located in an natural, spacious environment, in consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, we have enhanced our standards of cleanliness and hygiene protocols and are taking the following precautionary and response measures to ensure your safety;

<< Against contact infection and droplet infection>>
・All-titanium AT254 Coating
As a countermeasure against contact infection, “All-titanium AT254 coating” was implemented. All doorknobs, lobby tables and chairs, dining tables and chairs, elevator buttons, handrails, etc. are coated. The All Titanium AT254 Coat maintains the coating film for a long period of time which contributes to the inactivation of viruses on the contact surface, especially when applied to areas that are frequently touched by humans. In addition to being effective against viruses, the All Titanium AT254 Coat also has the effects of deodorizing, removing harmful chemical substances in the air, and preventing static electricity. It has been confirmed by official authorities to be harmless to the human body and the environment.

・Steriliz Air (Space sterilization system)
In order to prevent droplet infection, our dining Kaiseki Horin is equipped with two Steriliz Air units, which are designed for use in hospitals and other medical facilities. They use electricity to convert minute amounts of air into a mixture of ROS (gas-phase reactive oxygen species) ions, which quickly inactivate and continuously remove viruses, germs and bacteria from the air.

On each table in Kaiseki Horin, an ozone generator called Biozone is installed, which maintains a low concentration of ozone to sterilize viruses floating in or attached to the room and reduce the risk of secondary infection.

・AIR CUBE, Lyon 3.0
All guest rooms are equipped with an ozone sterilizer. Ozone and ultraviolet rays inactivate airborne bacteria, viruses, pollen and other allergens, which is even capable to sterilize germs and viruses on doorknobs, floors and furniture. As the UV lamp system does not emit ozone directly, it can be used comfortably for those who do not prefer the distinctive ozone smell.

・Shuttle Bus
The shuttle bus between Kaga Onsen Station and Beniya Mukayu is provided with a photocatalytic sterilization and antibacterial coating. High-concentration ethanol keeps bacteria away and does not create a virus growth environment.

<< Avoid Three Cs >>
The “Three Cs” are Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings.

● We have restricted the number of guests who can stay at our ryokan.
● We make sure to keep a safe distance between the guests as well as between the
* For the actual distance, we will follow and adjust the distance based on the advice from
the Japanese Government and WHO.
● We have restricted the number of guests in our complementary shuttle between our
ryokan and Kaga Onsen Station, in order for the guests to avoid being exposed to a
crowded space.
● When we proceed to check-in/out, we make sure to keep a safe distance between our
guests. We may ask our guests to proceed to check-in in the library or in their room
depending on the size of the crowds at that time.
● The lobby and library in the facility is spacious, yet we make sure to ventilate the rooms
by opening the windows and doors regularly.
● For the time being, we only allow one group of guests to use the elevator at a time. We
would appreciate it if you could share it with other guests accordingly.
● All the guest rooms are equipped with a natural hot spring open-air bath. The communal
baths are spacious enough to avoid a crowded setting, however, we may restrict the
number of guests in the communal baths at a time. Also, please note that the communal
baths are closed between 11pm and 6am (the next morning) everyday due to cleaning
and sterilization.
● We thoroughly ensure to ventilate the dining room, “Kaiseki Horin”.
● We make sure to keep a distance of more than 1 meter between each dining table in the
dining room, “Kaiseki Horin”.

<< Our Hygiene Management >>
● We regularly check the body temperatures of our employees and assess for symptoms.
We also encourage our employees to wear face masks at all times in the facility and
conduct hand washing and hand disinfection regularly.
● All of our employees commute to work either by car or on foot. We do not commute by
public transportation.
● We wipe down the whole building with alcoholic solution/hypochlorous acid water. We
especially disinfect thoroughly in the public spaces in the facility as well as ‘high-touch’
areas such as doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails, all the switches including light
switches, TV remotes, faucet, hair dryer, in-room amenities, room keys, and so on.
● For guest room cleaning, our cleaning staff make sure to wear face masks and gloves
when they wash and disinfect the linen. We also disinfect in-room equipment, the openair bathtubs, and any in-room amenities thoroughly.
● A hand sanitizer is prepared in all the guest rooms.
● We prepare multiple sets of tabi (Japanese socks with split toe) in the guest rooms, so
that our guests could change their tabi whenever they would want. Please don’t hesitate
to ask us if you would like more sets of tabi.
● Although beverages in the refrigerator provided in the guest rooms have been removed,
our guests can freely use the refrigerator as they please. If you would like a drink listed on
the beverage price list, please contact the front desk. We will bring it to your room
accordingly. (Please note that this service is until 11 pm)
● We thoroughly sterilize all the mailed items delivered to our facility.
● Our employees who serve meals and drinks in the dining room, “Kaiseki Horin”, ensure to
wear face masks. If necessary, they will also wear gloves.
● We may ask the guests who use the “Spa Entei” to wear face masks and conduct hand
disinfection. Face masks and hand sanitizer are prepared in the spa. One guest per
treatment room. The therapists wear a face shield during counseling. During the treatment,
the therapists do not touch the guests directly, but will treat them with medical gloves.

<< Our Regulations on COVID-19 >>
● We may ask our guests to disinfect their hands prior to entering the facility.
● We require all of our guests to have their body temperature checked and assess any
symptoms upon their arrival. Please kindly note that the guests who have a fever of over
37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to stay in the facility.
● We ask our guests to wear face masks. In case you do not have a face mask with you, we have face masks prepared for you in the facility. Also, please note that if any relevant symptoms are found, we may kindly decline your stay.
● We will contact the public health center with the consent of the guests and follow the
instructions. Regarding the handling of personal information, we will properly manage it
from the perspective of protecting personal information.

Beniya Mukayu seeks all possible measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and
constantly updates the countermeasures based on the latest medical knowledge to ensure safety. We strive to provide customers with peace of mind and the enjoyment of travel.