Early Summer Recommendation: ‘Noto Rock Oyster Course’

The dinner course focuses on rock oysters from Noto region. Please enjoy rock oysters cooked in a variety of ways.

◎ Advance reservation required.
◎ May 10th ~ August 15th, 2022.
◎ For 2 persons or more.
◎ Additional charge JPY7,260- per person (including 10% service charge & 10% sales tax).

An Example of the Dishes:

Rock oyster with lemon jelly
Local vegetables with white tofu paste
Minced rock oyster soup
Assorted seasonal sashimi from Hashitate port
Char-grilled Ayu sweet fish from Shogawa gorge
Char-grilled rock oyster
Cooked oyster rice
Oba green shiso ice cream

For the reservation, please visit our booking page.