HORIN ENTEI NO KAI Amazing Flowers2019

HORIN ENTEI NO KAI Amazing Flowers
Place and Date 2019 May. 12| Sun |
Shuho, as Hananofu, who dedicates herself to plants, is engaged in flower offerings to the Universe, deities and Buddha. By our invitation of Shuho, Hananofu, we share an enjoyable time to cherish nature and seasonal flowers.

Floral walk -Flower, Shitake mushroom and Wasabi Foraging (From noon to 3 PM)
We will head to Ozuchi mountain from Mukayu via 25 minute bus ride before exploring the surrounding landscape. We will look for flowers and forage for Shiitake mushroom and wasabi over a 2km course (walking course may change dependent on weather).

Lunch at private mountain house in Ozuchi
After the walk enjoy your freshly harvested Shiitake mushroom and wasabi with a lunch from vegan restaurant Itadakizen.

Resting (From 3 PM to 4 PM) at Mukayu
During this time, we will check-in guests staying at Beniya Mukayu.
We will prepare tea for participants not staying at Beniya Mukayu or you are able to enjoy our natural hot spring baths with originally crafted Yakushiyama products.

Flower offering (From 4 PM to 5PM) At Horin, on the 2nd floor of Mukayu
Offering flowers to invisible space by Shuho.

Play with flowers (From 5 P.M.)
You will enjoy flower arrangement inside Mukayu with flowers picked from Ozuchi with Shuho. 

Attendance Fee 20,000yen /per person (Max 15 people)

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