Beniya Mukayu has won the JAXURY AWARD 2022 in the STAY genre, nominating “the luxury brand from Japan that enriches everyday life”.

“The overflowing emotion hidden in the tranquility of wandering with one’s heart. How eloquent is the aesthetic sense played by a ‘stripped’ space that is neither Zen-like nor minimalist! From the uniqueness of the materials and the warmth of the space, guests receive a message of essential beauty through their sixth sense, which transcends the five.”(FRaU magazine)

As expressed in the phrase “an aesthetic sense phrased by a stripped-down space,” there is an unbound mind where there is nothing. “Mukayu” means “nothingness,” or just being natural as it is. As the Chinese thinker Zhuangzi said, we hope that through the healing power of nature, you will regain the troublelessness and enjoy a time of peace and tranquility.

We look forward to welcoming you.