Library ZERO – open November 1st, 2022

Library ZERO is opening today.

Library ZERO is opening today.

Mukayu’s third library, after the Main Library and the Forest Library, is a space of 130㎡ consisting of an art space and a library.

The artwork Replacement of Zero is exhibited in the art space.

The artwork is the result of a collaboration between Tatsuo Miyajima, one of Japan’s leading contemporary artists, and Kiyoshi Takeyama, the architect of Beniya Mukayu. It was created for the 1995 exhibition Resurrection of Topos/Collaboration between Artists and Architects. After being exhibited in Osaka and Toyama in 1996, it was named Replacement of Zero and installed in Beniya Mukayu’s forest garden. After more than 20 years, the work was restored and relocated in the newly built Library ZERO.

The library adjoining the art space features a collection of books on themes such as ZERO, nothingness, and emptiness.

Along with the opening of Library ZERO, we have prepared a special package for you.

【Commemorating the opening of Library ZERO】
Art tour guided by Mukayu staff (10-15 minutes)

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