New Byakuroku Terrace Suite Opening August 2018

Welcoming our new Byakuroku Terrace Suite in Early August 2018

Empty rooms fill with light and a mind entirely free of everything exists in a place of nothing. Located on the former site of the main hall of Yakuoin Onsenji, the main temple of five on Japan’s sacred Mount Hakusan, Beniya Mukayu nurtures a close relationship with Hakusan or Sacred White Mountain and Yakushiyama (Healing Buddha’s Mountain), cherished for its high spirituality and a place for healing amongst pristine nature and hot springs.

Byakuroku, meaning “white green” is an opportunity to reimagine the old Yakushiyama, the area of the old Yakuoin Osenji Temple on which Beniya Mukayu is situated. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Mukayu’s natural garden and hot springs, clear your mind and tune the senses into the rhythms of nature.

●1st floor views of Mukayu’s natural Japanese garden with camellia and Japanese maples.
●Large tatami and bamboo living room, terrace with floor to ceiling sliding doors, twin bedroom, double vanity bathroom and walk-in shower and miniature moss garden
●Shoin library and working space with day bed
●Walk-in closet.
●Natural open air hot spring bath.
●Approximately 100 m².
●Dining in our Horin restaurant
●Complimentary wireless Internet access.

Details are subject to change. Room information will be updated from time to time.