New communal baths GENSEI and USUKŌ opening on November 1st, 2023

Founded in 1928, this year Beniya Mukayu celebrates the 95th anniversary.
Beniya Mukayu now has two communal baths, opened in November 2023.

GENSEI, a bath for tranquil meditation featuring a round backrest in the bathtub;

USUKŌ, a bath made of white cypress wood for purifying the body and mind.

Major renovations designed by Sei Takeyama and the studio Amorphe have been carried on between 2022 and 2023 to commemorate this milestone anniversary.

Each communal bath features an indoor bath, an open-air bath, and sauna.
They are available to all guests, separated by gender. Boasting more than 1300 years of history, the source of renowned Yamashiro Onsen contains high concentration of calcium, sodium and sulfate that not only improves blood circulation and soothes fatigue by thermal effects, but also improves physical and dermatological condition.

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