The Noto Peninsula Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Spa Menu – From SPA ENTEI

Spa Entei offers the Noto Reconstruction Support Menu for supporting the recovery of the Noto area affected by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake 2024.

“Noto Blended Aroma Body Treatment”
70min : ¥28,600(Full Body, shoulders, head massage)

Aroma body treatment using Noto blend of essential oils such as Noto Hiba (Hiba spicata) ,shiso, peppermint, geranium and lemongrass from Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture.
The fresh herbal aroma refreshes the mind.
A welcome foot bath with hydrosol of Noto Hiba added to the Yamashiro spring water will be offered before the treatment.

*All products are made in Noto to support the reconstruction of the disaster area.
Essential oils from herbs in the Town of Shika in Noto are known for their high quality and natural cultivation.

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