-From Spa Entei- Special offers for Christmas

From December 17 to 25, we will upgrade the head massage as a special Christmas offer for those who have booked a spa session.

The special complimentary upgrade:
for the head massage in all treatment courses, the incense cream, related to Jesus Christ, will be used. Frankincense essential oil is a blend of sacred, woody, spicy, lemony and sweet scents, useful for meditation and purification of the mind.

The New Testament records that when Jesus Christ was born, the three wise men from the East offered him gold, myrrh and frankincense. At the time, it was marketed as a precious perfume with the same value as gold, and it has been used as incense on altars and temples since ancient times.

Frankincense is also used in the herbal balls in our signature treatment, the Yakushiyama treatment.

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