Spring Harmonious Treatment ~SPA ENTEI~

Mugwort Herb Oil & Japanese Hakusan-blended Essential Oil Treatment

Our Mugwort Treatment uses Mugwort Herb oil. Since the ancient times, it has been said in Japan the fragrance of Mugwort protects people from misfortune. With a dedicated blend of Lindera umbellata, Cypress, Japanese pepper, and Japanese mint, the bright aroma of Mugwort refreshes your mind and body. The treatment is recommended for those suffering with hay fever during the spring season and assists in the rejuvenation of your skin.

*Mugwort Oil Special Treatment / Contains Anti-septic and Anti-inflammation properties.
Suitable for skin condition that is dry or afflicted with Atopic Dermatitis.

・ Body Massage 70 minutes (Full-body・Head) ¥24,200
・ Body Massage 90 minutes (Full-body・Head)  ¥27,500
・ Body Massage 120 minutes (Full-body・Abdomen・Head)  ¥31,900

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