Yakushiyama (Healing Buddha Mountain) Solo Retreat – 2 nights

Time at Beniya Mukayu is filled with freedom: enjoy the spaces and the nature around you, read books in the library or visit Yamashiro Onsen’s main sightseeing spots… The recommendations below are some examples of what you can do here: we have designed a plan for you to feel cleansed and rejuvenated both in the body and in the mind, a plan that can only be experienced at Beniya Mukayu.

Immerse yourself in the private hot spring open-air bath and close your eyes: you can hear the sound of the water, the birds singing, and the sound of the wind swaying the leaves in the forest garden. Relax, unwind and let go of all the tension of your mind and body: you will be filled with the vitality of the surrounding nature. At the Spa Entei you can choose among a wide range of treatments that will purify your body, and you can also learn the secrets of our signature treatments from our therapists during the “Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho” medicinal Herbal Ball Making Experience. The Spa Entei and Yakushiyama (Healing Buddha Mountain) treatments and amenities pay homage to the local history: learn more by exploring the Yakuoin Onsenji Temple, visit Iroha Soan (Rosanjin’s temporary residence) and Suda Seika porcelain shop. We also recommend spending some time reading in the Beniya Mukayu’s spacious library.

<Contents and benefits>

・ Early check-in 14:00
・”Ho, Sha, Ryu, Cho” Medicinal Herbal Ball Making Experience
・ Yakushiyama (Healing Buddha Mountain) body treatment 90 minutes (★including head massage with IOU-stone eye pillow – free upgrade)
・ Additional options: Seasonal spa treatment such as: Autumn Seasonal Treatment, Osmanthus and rice oil treatment 70 minutes +24,200 yen / person (tax included)
★ Plan benefit: Late check-out 12:00

Additional charge: from +33,550 yen (inclusive of tax and service charge) to be added to the regular rate

<Sample Itinerary>

【Day 1】
・ 15:00 Arrival
・ Relax in the private hot spring open-air bath
【Day 2】
・ 10:30 Visit Yamashiro Onsen: Yakuoin Onsen Temple
・ 11:00 Iroha Soan (Rosanjin’s temporary residence)and Suda Seika porcelain shop
・ 12:00 Lunch in Yamashiro Onsen
・ 14: 00 ~ 15: 30 Yakushiyama body treatment 90 minutes (★including head massage with IOU-stone eye pillow – free upgrade)
【Day 3】
・ 10: 00 Additional option: Seasonal spa treatment 70 minutes +24,200 yen / person (tax included)
★12:00 Departure (late check-out)

<Terms and conditions>

・ The price includes 1 Yakushiyama body treatment (90 minutes).
・ The plan can be customized: please write your request in the comment section when you make a reservation. For enquiries, please contact us by phone 0761-77-1340 or by email: beniya@mukayu.com
・We will follow up by e-mail regarding the availability and time of the spa treatments and Hakusan Medicinal Herbal Ball Making unique experience.

<How to Reserve>

・ Please reserve through the link below: set the number of people to 1 and select the dates (2 nights and 3 days), the “Yakushiyama Solo Retreat” plan will be automatically displayed. Please select it and go through the booking process.
・You can also reserve by phone 0761-77-1340 or by email: beniya@mukayu.com
・Our offers are tailor-made and always susceptible of your specific wishes. Please feel free to contact us. We would like to assist with creating the unique stay.

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